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Hi everyone my name is Amanda and this is my blog and life wrapped in a nutshell. First of, I'm a mother of three; 2 girls Chloe and Sora and our last and only baby boy Trent, I'm married (since 2006) to their daddy Erik. I started this blog in 2009 and so many things have changed over the years, 6 weeks after I had Trent I got Essure (permanent birth control) and it has changed my life for the worse, but as of June 2014 I finally found an amazing gyno who believes me, I got my hysterectomy August 5th 2014. Since then about 70% of my problem went away while I was still in the hospital but, I have to go to physical therapy because my abdomen muscles got really messed up from them trying to always protecting e-hell. I do feel like Essure has scared me for life on some things, it just sucks I was expecting life to go back to normal and it just hasn't but I have to be happy for A LOT of the problems being gone. Life as I once knew it I now no won't go back to normal but this is my new normal so this is what I have to work with trying everything I can to get my body functioning at 100% by going to specialist and hopefully that will be the trick to ending my endless pain/anxiety/depression/etc. 

My dreams of becoming a huge blogger, and clothing designer will maybe one day come true but, becoming a nurse is about to be a reality i'm in the process of getting my ASN then 1 year later graduate with my BSN then work for about another year then i'm taking a big step and  joining the military (air force). Being a nurse in the military is my ultimate goal but I still have a little while until I get there so for now doing work orders and as much as I can until I get to graduate.

I hope you stick around to enjoy my crazy life and see what new goodies I come up with in this crazy head of mine. Getting personal on my blog is what I've always wanted to do but was to afraid I would be judge because lets face it in the blog world you're either on the in crowd or your not. It's kind of like high school, and I just don't care about that anymore I want everyone to know who I really am and if you can relate to me maybe we can all help each other out in the long run. Life is to short to pretend to be someone you're not we all are not this happy I love my life everyday and you know it. I truly can say I cannot wait to get back to those happier days then the depressing days of being in pain, life will get better in time I know it and i'll be blogging about every minute of it. 

Amanda Rose

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